Mountain Biking DuPont State Forest, NC

DuPont State Forest

Mountain biking in DuPont State Forest offers beautiful scenery and fun for riders of all levels. The diversity of trails also makes the system perfect for groups with varying skill levels.

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Length:  40.2 miles
Trailhead(s):  Numerous Trailheads in System, Select Based on Planned Route
Elevation Gain:  Varies Depending on Route
Trail Type:  Trail System
Dogs:  Allowed, but Must be Leashed
Difficulty:  23 Beginner, 37 Intermediate, and 10 Expert Trails in System
Permit Required?  No
Considerations:  Some Trails Closed to Mountain Biking
Season:  Year Round, but Spring, Summer, Fall (Preferred)


Mountain biking in DuPont State Forest offers beautiful scenery and tons of fun for riders of all levels.  The trails have a large diversity of terrain, including North Carolina “slickrock”, and a system that is perfect for groups that have varying skill levels and/or non-riders.  If you visit the Asheville area, make sure to put at least one day in your itinerary for this jewel.  It is a must ride in an area known as a mountain biking mecca.

The Forest and the System

Located an hour south of Asheville and 25 minutes east of Brevard, DuPont State Recreational Forest has 10,473 acres of land.  The trail system is extensive.  Most of the trails are multi-use, but a few are closed to mountain bikers.  That said, mountain bikers still have over 90 miles of trail at their disposal.  The trails include buff singletrack, gravel roads, gnarly rocky and rooty technical terrain, water crossings, and, yes, even “slickrock”.  We put “slickrock” in parentheses  because it is not really like the slickrock one sees in Utah and western Colorado.  Instead, DuPont’s “slickrock” is actually granite domes.  Although the experience differs somewhat from western slickrock riding, the granite is a blast and a great introduction to the type of riding one would experience out west.  Whether you are seeking a quick trail ride or a backcountry experience, you can find it at DuPont.

The Mountain Biking

As you can tell from the system overview above, mountain biking in DuPont State Forest provides the rider with a buffet of riding options.  For newer riders, there are many beginner trails and gravel roads to explore the beauty of DuPont.  Intermediate riders can combine any number of the 23 beginner and 37 intermediate trails to put together a full day of riding (or more) that will provide great memories to get them through until their next mountain biking outventure.  Experts can have it all.  Although their are only 10 expert trails in the system, the trails are a load of fun and, when combined with other system trails, an expert rider can find seemingly endless routes to fill many days of riding.

There is plenty of variety in DuPont for mountain bikers to pick the type of outventure they want for their visit.  Those mountain bikers seeking a backcountry experience can hit trails such as Reasonover to go deep into the woods.  Those seeking a slickrock experience can hit trails such as the Cedar Rock Trail.  If you are seeking a mellower ride or are a beginner, you can take Conservation Road to check out the beautiful Summit Lake.  For some solid climbing and an expert technical descent, try the Burnt Mountain Trail or, if you want just a fun, flowy, fast descent without the technical, try the Ridgeline Trail.  Whatever you choose, remember that you can put together any number of fun, gorgeous routes to get yourself to and from these killer trails.


You may have noticed that we have a passion for mountain biking in DuPont State Forest.  It is a great trail system in a fantastic part of the country for mountain biking.  We have visited it many times.  We really like the ability for everyone in our group to ride what they want, at the level they want, so we can all enjoy a great day of riding.  Add to that the fact that there is some outstanding hiking in DuPont (see our article “Hiking in DuPont State Forest, NC“), and this system is hard to beat.  But don’t just take our word for it, go out there and explore it for yourself then tell us what you think.  Have fun!

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Hiking DuPont State Forest, North Carolina

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