Hiking Killen Creek Trail to High Camp, Mount Adams

Mount Adams is an amazing mountain and a fantastic destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Access articles about our favorite three hikes here.

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Mount Adams in Washington state is an amazing mountain (volcano, actually).  Although it is not one of the mountains that tourists flock to (a major bonus in our opinion), it is a fantastic destination for outdoor enthusiasts and the views are incredible.  Whether you hike, backpack, or mountain bike, the mountain and its surrounding area will make you smile.

The Mount Adams area has a lot to offer, particularly to the eyes.  The forests and wilderness areas are beautiful old growth forests and the views in the area are generally outstanding.  Due to its location, hikers, mountain bikers, and backpackers often have views of not only Mount Adams, but Mount Rainier, Mount Hood, and Mount St. Helens.  If you love the outdoors, this mountain and its surrounds should definitely be on your list.

To get you started, we have write-ups of three of our favorite hikes below.  Click on the pictures to read the associated articles and learn about these awesome outventures.

Hiking Killen Creek Trail to High Camp, Mount Adams
Hike - Killen Creek Trail to High Camp
Hiking the Sleeping Beauty Trail, Washington
Hike - Sleeping Beauty Trail
Hiking the Lemei Trail to Lemei Rock, Washington
Hike - Lemei Trail to Lemei Rock

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