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Grey Otter Outventures’s Mission

The mission of Grey Otter Outventures, Inc. is to provide inspiration and information to people who want to embrace an outdoor lifestyle and new adventures.  We do this by providing first-hand information about outdoor activities, trails, and equipment.  We will never promote anything that we have not experienced or used ourselves.  In doing so, we hope to inspire a love of the outdoors, interest in new activities, and a dedication to the stewardship and preservation of our environment.

About the Founders – Chris & Machelle (Mac)

In our former lives, both of our careers were in professional fields.    Although we enjoyed our careers, we always loved the outdoors and took every opportunity to immerse ourselves in it.  Over time, we decided to leave our careers and make our love of the outdoors the focus of our work.

During our early 20s, we worked as scuba diving guides and instructors in Roatan, Honduras.  (Chris is a retired NAUI Instructor Trainer and NACD Cave Diving Instructor.  Mac is a retired NAUI Instructor and NACD Cavern Diving Instructor.)  We also owned and operated a scuba diving travel business, later moving into our professional careers.  As time progressed, our main hobby, cave diving, faded due to the high demands of active cave diving conflicting with the ever-growing demands of life and career.  Soon other, less demanding, passions took the place of cave diving.

Prior to having a child, we camped frequently.  As our son grew out of his toddler years, we started to realize that camping, hiking, and mountain biking were great family activities.  We camped and biked all over Florida.  Soon, we replaced beach trips with camping, hiking, and mountain biking trips to the mountains of North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia, eventually branching out throughout the country seeking new experiences.

In 2018, after several years of planning and with our son in college, we took the plunge and sold our house.  We moved into a fifth wheel and headed west to find our new home.  We traveled for over 7 months, moving every week to two weeks and hiking, mountain biking, or backpacking almost every day.  Eventually we found our new home in central Oregon – an outdoor playground with substantial access to other outdoor destinations.

Having landed in central Oregon and wanting to share our love of the outdoors (and, frankly, needing to make a living), we began building Grey Otter Outventures, Inc.  Today, and every day, we continue traveling and building.  Whether it is sourcing and experiencing new outventures to share, testing new equipment, editing photos we believe capture the nature of the trails we explore, or writing about our adventures, we work every day to ensure we can bring you the benefit of our experiences and insights about the places we visit.

We hope you enjoy  We have a huge passion for the activities discussed and the outdoors.  Our hope is that by inspiring and assisting you to go OUTventure, you will also develop a passion that you will share with others, thereby growing the outdoor community and stewardship of the environment. If there is anything we can do to make the site more valuable for you, please let us know.  Thank you for being a part of

Chris & Mac

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