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Hiking allows us to slow down and soak in our surroundings with all our senses.  Sweeping vistas, vibrant wildflowers, tumbling waterfalls, glimpses of wildlife and more await on the paths ahead.  Nature reveals its secrets to those who chose to follow those paths.


Hiking seems straight forward, right?  After all, its just walking . . . or is it?  In fact, there are all levels of hiking and a range of equipment designed to make the experience enjoyable, successful, and safe.  Understanding the planning, logistics, and equipment for hiking can make the difference between a great hike and one you’d rather forget.


Day hiking outventures, by far, have the greatest access to trails.  Most other outventure activities have additional restrictions on trail use that may foreclose certain areas.  This is not to say that day hikers have unrestricted trail access.  With growing trail usage has come permit requirements in some areas and daily use restrictions.  Understanding how to source a hike greatly reduces missteps (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun).

SAFETY DISCLAIMER:  The activities discussed in this website are outdoor activities and, as such, have inherent risks to which participants are exposed.  It is not the intent of this website, nor is it possible due to the variability of weather, terrain, equipment, and experience, to detail all of those risks.  The information contained in this site is informational, but not instructive nor exhaustive.  It is the sole responsibility of the user to ensure he/she is in good health, fully prepared, and fully informed as to dangers before undertaking any of the activities discussed in this website and the user does so at his/her own risk.  The user understands that by using this website he/she acknowledges and accepts all risks associated with use of information from this website and participation in any particular activity addressed herein.  Please see “Terms of Use” for additional information.

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