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Outventures are a blast.  They afford the opportunity to be in nature, see new sights, get exercise, free the mind, get an adrenaline rush, or just hang out and have fun – you understand, or at least suspect this, or you would not visit our site.  That said, when outventures go wrong they can, at a minimum, be a drag.  In the worst case, a trip to the hospital or other undesirable  destination can be the result.

In our 40+ age group, and even more so when outventuring with kids and dogs, it is very important to plan your outventure and design it such that all members of your group have a fun and safe experience.  A little knowledge gathering, pre-planning, and the right equipment ensures you and the members of your party create fond memories which drive the desire to keep getting off the couch to go outventuring.

Follow the links below for information and advice about the logistics, equipment, and basic considerations we believe are necessary to ensure your activity specific outventures are a success for all in your group.

SAFETY DISCLAIMER:  The activities discussed in this website are outdoor activities and, as such, have inherent risks to which participants are exposed.  It is not the intent of this website, nor is it possible due to the variability of weather, terrain, equipment, and experience, to detail all of those risks.  The information contained in this site is informational, but not instructive nor exhaustive.  It is the sole responsibility of the user to ensure he/she is in good health, fully prepared, and fully informed as to dangers before undertaking any of the activities discussed in this website and the user does so at his/her own risk.  The user understands that by using this website he/she acknowledges and accepts all risks associated with use of information from this website and participation in any particular activity addressed herein.  Please see “Terms of Use” for additional information.



Hiking seems straight forward, right?  After all, its just walking . . . or is it?  In fact, there are all levels of hiking and a range of equipment designed to make the experience enjoyable, successful, and safe.  Understanding the planning, logistics, and equipment for hiking can make the difference between a great hike and one you’d rather forget.

Information about Camping


Camping can take numerous forms, including car, rv, and walk-in.  Your site may have water and electric or be a primitive site necessitating dry camping.  Knowing what to expect and having the proper equipment will mean the difference  between having a camping trip to remember for all the right, or wrong, reasons.  Let’s make sure we know before we go.


Backpacking is awesome.  It gives us the chance to go off-grid, immerse ourselves in nature, and get away from the world for a night or a week or months. Backpacking is also a technical outventure.  We must carry the equipment, food, and water we need for the trip on our backs.  We also must know the terrain and comply with the rules for the area we are backpacking.  Not so easy when you are 40+, but totally doable.


Whether you enjoy serenity and flow or intense, adrenaline pumping activities, you can find it all in mountain biking.  The sport has exploded in recent years with thousands of miles of new trail and equipment that makes the sport accessible to everyone from a small child to us “old farts”.  Knowing the equipment and trails appropriate for your age, skill level, and goals is critical for both fun and safety.


Let’s be honest, outventuring with kids can be a ton of fun or a total drag.  Believe us, we have experienced both.  The difference is whether the outventure is tailored to your childrens’ interests and appropriate for their skill level and abilities.  For a successful outventure with kids, regardless of the activity, it is essential that you as the parent or grandparent plan the outventure for the kids – not you.  It will make the difference between a “YAY!!!!” and an “OH, MAN!!!” when you bring up your next outventure.


If you’re like us, you love taking your dog on your outventures.  Dogs, like kids, however, can be a hand full and detract from your enjoyment if your dog’s ability doesn’t match the outventure.  That mismatch can be caused by riggor, level of obedience, and/or level of distractions.  It seems like a simple thing to take your dog camping or to hit the trail, but the reality is different.  Understanding and accounting for the challenges in outventuring with your dog will ensure that you both have a great experience.

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