Alafia River State Park Mountain Bike Trails

I know, I know . . . Mountain biking in Florida?  Absolutely!

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I know, I know . . . Mountain biking in Florida?  Right . . .

Absolutely!  Florida has several very active mountain bike clubs that have built hundreds of miles of trail.  In fact, Florida is where we first started mountain biking over a decade ago.  It offers such iconic trail systems as Santos (often voted the #1 spring mountain bike destination in the country) and Alafia State Park, as well as lesser known systems that the locals love, such as the Loyce E. Harpe Park system, aka “Carter Road”.

Don’t think everything is flat, sandy, and easy either.  A number of the systems are built in abandoned phosphate mining and limestone quarries, with expertly built trails ranging from beginner to double black diamond.  We ride all over the country, so when we tell you to put Florida on your radar screen, trust us you should.  The mountain biking is excellent.  Below are some of our favorite trail systems.  We highly recommend you visit one or all of them on your next visit to Florida – particularly when the rest of the country is buried in snow!

Alafia River State Park Mountain Bike Trails
Alafia River State Park
Santos Mountain Biking Trails
Santos Mountain Biking Trails

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