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An overview of the outstanding hiking, mountain biking, and backpacking opportunities in Central Oregon within a few hours of Bend, Oregon.

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Central Oregon is an outdoor playground!  With an endless supply of beautiful scenery and trails, it is filled with fun for everyone all year long.  Surrounding, and within a few hours drive of Bend, Oregon, there is an astounding array of opportunities to go hiking, mountain biking, and backpacking.  

Hiking and Backpacking

Hiking and backpacking in the Central Oregon area is world class, with abundant opportunities to hike and backpack on public lands.  Central Oregon’s landscapes are filled with gorgeous views of forests, mountains, lakes, streams, and rivers.  Not only are the trails well maintained, they are built to interconnect in many areas.  As such, hikers and backpackers can put together excellent hiking and backpacking loops of varying lengths.

Mountain Biking

Then, there is the mountain biking in Bend.  With hundreds of miles of well built mountain biking trails, tons of backcountry riding, as well as lift assisted riding at Mount Bachelor, there is more than enough quality trail in the area to fill a week’s vacation with just mountain biking.  Bend’s reputation as one of the top mountain biking destination towns in the United States is thus well deserved.  Not only is there incredible riding all around Bend, but just a short drive away there is Oakridge.  It’s trails are renowned for being not only scenic, but a whole lot of fun to ride.

It is no wonder that mountain bikers flock to Central Oregon to ride the beautiful ribbons of singletrack in and around Bend.  

Central Oregon 

Regardless of your preferred discipline, you will find outstanding hiking, mountain biking, and backpacking opportunities in Central Oregon.  Bend and its surrounding mountains and forests are filled with wonders awaiting your discovery.  To help you get started, we present below some of our favorite outventures in Central Oregon.  Just click on the pictures to read the associated articles.  OUTventure on!

Hiking Articles

McKenzie River Trail, Oregon
Hike - McKenzie River Trail, OR
Crater Lake National Park
Hike - Crater Lake National Park: Garfield Peak Trail
Paulina Lake Loop Hike
Hike - Paulina Lake Loop Hike
Smith Rock State Park, Oregon
Hike - Smith Rock State Park

Mountain Biking Articles

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MTB - Waldo Lake Loop
Maston Mountain Biking Trails, Bend, Oregon
MTB - Maston Trail System
Alpine Trails
MTB - Alpine Trails
© 2019 Grey Otter Outventures, Inc.
MTB - Newberry Crater Rim Trail
Upper Dead Mountain Trail
MTB - Dead Mountain Trail
Mountain Biking the McKenzie River Trail, Oregon
MTB - McKenzie River Trail
Larison Rock Mountain Biking Trail, Oakridge, Oregon
MTB - Larison Rock Trail

Backpacking Articles

Backpacking the Rogue River Trail
Backpack - Rogue River Trail
Backpacking the Three Sisters Loop
Backpack - Three Sisters Loop

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