Mount Shasta Gateway Trail

An overview of the excellent hiking, mountain biking, and backpacking opportunities in the Mount Shasta area of California.

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The town of Mount Shasta, California, makes a fantastic home base for regional outventures stretching from the Oregon border to Redding. This area holds amazing gems like the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, the Trinity Alps Wilderness, and, of course, the 14,180’ Mount Shasta volcano. There is a ton of hiking and backpacking in the area, as well as a few mountain biking opportunities.

The hiking and backpacking in the Mount Shasta area is outstanding. Within a short drive from the town of Mount Shasta, alone, there are more than enough great day hikes to fill a week’s vacation. The trails are well maintained and the views are tremendous.

If you are looking for backpacking opportunities, there are plenty in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. If you are looking for world-class backpacking opportunities, though, the Trinity Alps Wilderness does not disappoint. There are many possible routes and the views, lakes, streams, etc., are drop-dead gorgeous.

As far as mountain biking in the Mount Shasta area, the opportunities are limited primarily due to the small population. That said, there are some fun trails, such as the Gateway Trail, which comes complete with beautiful views of the Mount Shasta volcano. Additionally, you can make the one hour drive to Redding, where there are a number of ride locations.

Regardless of your preferred discipline, you will find great outventure opportunities in Mount Shasta and its surrounds. To help you get started, we present below some of our favorite outventures in the area. Just click on the pictures to read the associated articles. OUTventure on!

Hiking Articles

Castle Crags Trail
Castle Crags Trail
Black Butte Trail - Mt Shasta Wilderness
Black Butte Trail
Mount Shasta Gateway Trail
Gateway Trail
The McCloud River Trail
McCloud River Trail
Avalanche Gulch - Hiking Mount Shasta
Avalanche Gulch
Pluto's Cave, Mt Shasta, California
Pluto's Cave

Backpacking Articles

Four Lakes Loop, Trinity Alps
Four Lakes Loop, Trinity Alps

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