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Where to go hiking in California.

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California is an outdoor wonderland.  Hiking ranges from high elevation to desert to coastal.  California boasts numerous national parks and countless miles of hiking on other public lands. All of this creates endless opportunities to go hiking in California.  Some of our favorite hiking locations are below.  Click on the links for our impressions of the trails, some basic information, maps, and a slide show of the location.

Castle Crags Trail
Castle Crags Trail
Black Butte Trail - Mt Shasta Wilderness
Black Butte Trail - Mt. Shasta Wilderness
Mount Shasta Gateway Trail
Gateway Trail
The McCloud River Trail
McCloud River Trail
Rubicon Trail - Lake Tahoe Hiking
Rubicon Trail
Hiking Mount Tallac, Lake Tahoe, California
Mount Tallac
Hiking to Lake Aloha, Desolation Wilderness, California
Lake Aloha
Avalanche Gulch - Hiking Mount Shasta
Avalanche Gulch
Pluto's Cave, Mt Shasta, California
Pluto's Cave

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