Croy Creek Mountain Biking Trails

Croy Creek Mountain Biking Trails, Hailey, Idaho

Boy, are Croy Creek mountain biking trails fun riding! You won’t find anything gnarly, but if you’re looking for sweet riding, look here.

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Length:  10 Trails, 37 Miles of Trail
Trailhead(s):  Croy Creek/BMX Track Trailhead
Elevation Gain:  Dependent on Chosen Route
Trail Type:  Trail System
Dogs:  Allowed
Difficulty:  Beginner to Intermediate
Permit Required?  No
Season:  Late Spring, Summer, Early Fall


Boy, are Croy Creek mountain biking trails fun riding! You won’t find anything hectic, but if you’re looking for sweet riding, look here.  The trail system is just minutes away from Sun Valley and the awesome riding of Ketchum, Idaho.  It’s not a big system, but it will give you a big smile.

What Makes the Croy Creek Mountain Biking Trails so Fun?

Buff singletrack!  The Ketchum, Idaho area is blessed with volcanic ash that blankets the ground’s surface throughout the area.  Over time, the ash became a stable dirt base that makes for perfect riding.  There are, of course, rocks on the trail, but for the most part the Croy Creek mountain biking trails are as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

In addition to buff singletrack, this is a new trail system where current trail building technologies were clearly used to create expertly built and routed trails.  This expertise created trails which are never too steep to enjoy climbing and a ton of fun to descend.  No, adrenalin junkies are not going to get the juice of a burley set of technical trails, but, at least for me, it is not always about the adrenalin.  Great singletrack riding, itself, brings an abundance of fun and satisfaction.

Riding the Croy Creek Mountain Biking Trails

The Croy Creek trails system has 1 double track, 1 beginner, and 8 intermediate trails.  The beginner trail is only one-tenth of a mile and the double track is, well, double track.  Neither is worth further mention.  Our focus is the 8 intermediate trails covering roughly 18 miles.

Among the intermediate trails, a particularly fun ride is Bullion Connector to the Hidden Valley loop.  Connecting the two creates a popsicle stick ride of 11.9 miles with a gain/descent of 2,180′.  There is a climb on Bullion to get to Hidden Valley, but you are rewarded on the return with a great downhill.

When you get to Hidden Valley, for maximum fun you should ride the loop counter-clockwise.  You will get some short downhills and climbs to start, but you then hit a long, ripping downhill with some rock and scree to keep it interesting before you get back to Bullion for your downhill return to the trailhead.

The other side of the Croy Creek system is also a blast.    A fun loop on that side follows BMX Flow to Two Dog to Bull Dog, then a left on Bullion Gulch Road for just a short distance, picking up Bullion Connector for the downhill back to BMX Flow and the trailhead.  It’s a fun, fast ride with reasonable climbs and great downhills.  All tolled, you’ll cover 11.5 miles and climb/descend 1,952′, smiling the whole way.

There are, of course, other routes you can choose.  These are just a couple of suggestions, so don’t be afraid to explore at will and find your own great riding.

Final Thoughts about the Croy Creek Mountain Biking Trail System

Croy Creek is an excellent trail system for intermediate riders and a great place for beginners to work on building their skills.  But advanced riders, don’t miss out.  Croy Creek’s mountain biking trails have that perfect flow which allows you to ride hard, fast, and have a ton of fun too!  This small, new system is really a blast to ride and, when you combine it with all the mountain biking Ketchum and Sun Valley area has to offer, it is a great enhancement to a week (or more!) of riding.  Have fun!

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