Camp to See the Beauty

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Camp to see the beauty.  Hang out in a picturesque place, appreciate the echoes of nature, and delight in all which surrounds you on a camping OUTventure. 

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Camp to see the beauty.  Hang out in a picturesque place, appreciate the echoes of nature, and delight in all which surrounds you on a camping OUTventure. 


Picture your ideal campsite.  Does it sit under the protective branches of towering trees that shade yet provide glimpses of blue skies?  Is it perched on a mountain offering breathtaking views of peaks and valleys?  Or, if water is required, then how about a site nestled next to a mossy rock lined stream, or at the shore of a freshwater lake or saltwater ocean?  Wherever they may be, the one thing all campsites have in common is that they allow us to place our OUTventuring “home base” in some amazingly beautiful settings.


Listening to the sounds of nature throughout the day and night is one of the great joys of camping.  Birds call out their greetings as the sun comes up, beckoning us to awaken from our slumber.  Love chirps of male crickets grow in intensity in the early evening and then fade as night falls.  As darkness deepens and nocturnal creatures emerge, we may hear the howls of coyotes or wolves, or the hoots and shrieks of owls.  Throughout it all, nearby waters gurgle, spill, or splash and winds whisper or whip through branches to add texture and depth to round out nature’s beautiful symphony.


The lovely scenes of camping are accompanied by scents that soothe and satisfy our souls. Smoky campfires smolder and blaze, sending wisps of smoke soaring skyward and surrounding us with the most familiar of camping smells.  Fragrant pine and hints of perfumed blossoms intermittently waft by, while traces of musky odor rise from the earth beneath our feet.  Hunger grows as whiffs of camp cooking circulate through the campground.  Even though we don’t typically associate smells with beauty, one of the most “beautiful” things about camping is these delightful aromas.

© 2019 Grey Otter Outventures, Inc.
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© 2019 Grey Otter Outventures, Inc.

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