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Camp for the adventure.  Just mentioning the word “camping” elicits exciting thoughts of adventures to come.  Indeed, from start to finish, camping is an adventure.

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Camp for the adventure.  Just mentioning the word “camping” elicits exciting thoughts of adventures to come.  Indeed, from start to finish, camping is an adventure.  Where, when, how. . . all must be coordinated.  It’s a big job, and excitement surges and ebbs as different aspects of the trip are planned and executed.

Camp for the Adventure:  Location

Whether wilderness camping, glamping, or a something- in-between OUTventure is desired, we have many decisions to make.  First, where are we going, and what do we want to do there?  With location chosen, we look at the campground choices themselves, and then at the camping options in those campgrounds.  For instance, are you seeking an off-grid adventure far from civilization?  Or, do you prefer easy access to activities and amenities?  Are reservations necessary or available?  Drill down on these details first as they will assist with planning all of the other details. 

  • Camp:  Food

What and how much is needed to fill bellies and fuel activities?  Is the adventure a minimalist experience, or is it a full blown around the clock eat-fest of all the favorite camping goodies?

  • Camp:  Shelter & Other Equipment

If the option of choosing tent vs RV is possible, then which is most appropriate for the location, the planned activities, the weather, and the participants?  What other gear is necessary for safety, comfort, and fun?  What must be purchased or borrowed? 

Camp for the Adventure:  Execution

Time to pack it all up and get going.  Packing is often its own achievement, so take a deep breath and just get it done.  If you are using our Car Camping Storage and Organization Tips, or our RV Camping Storage and Organization Tips the pack up, and the unpacking, will be efficient.

Arrival at camp means all hands on-deck to unpack and get comfortable.  Camp chairs are set to ring the fire pit, picnic table is set with snacks, cookware and associated items.  If in the wilderness, adequately secure food supplies to keep them safe from unwelcome animal and insect intruders.  Unpack and organize remaining equipment and lighting, set up sleeping arrangements (tent or rv), take a look around and take care of any miscellaneous details, and and then pat yourself on the back.  Your camping OUTventure is now ready to unfold.

Enjoy your time on a camping OUTventure.  Whether we are gathering wood to make the fire, preparing the food, or settling in each night and getting going again each morning, everything we do makes camping its own adventure, and it is fun.

© 2019 Grey Otter Outventures, Inc.
© 2019 Grey Otter Outventures, Inc.

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