Bryce Canyon National Park – Queens Garden & Navajo Loop

Bryce Canyon National Park - Queens Garden & Navajo Loop

Be blown away by incredible rock formations while hiking the famously popular Bryce Canyon National Park Queens Garden and Navajo Loop Trails.

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Length:  2.9 Miles Loop*
Trailhead(s):  Queens Garden – Sunrise Point; Navajo Loop – Sunset Point
Elevation Gain:  600’*
Trail Type:  Loop
Dogs:  Not Allowed
Difficulty:  Easy to Moderate
Permit Required?  Yes – National Park Entrance Fee $35
Considerations:   Seasonal Conditions & Weather
Season:  Late Spring, Summer, Fall

* 3.7 Miles and 964′ Elevation Gain Includes Full Navajo Loop



Stunning and grand, the incredible rock formations surrounding the famously popular Queens Garden and Navajo Loop Trails in Bryce Canyon National Park enthrall all who venture below the rim.


A series of natural amphitheaters carved into the side of a plateau, Bryce Canyon is, surprisingly, not at all a canyon.  What nature created here is an amazing place of unimaginable beauty.  For the adventurous, these natural amphitheaters have trails that take them through the uniquely spectacular, grand geology of Bryce Canyon National Park.  For everyone else, a birds eye view hike can be made anywhere along the 11 mile rim trail which runs from Fairyland Point to Bryce Point.

Hikers going below the rim, however, can get up close and personal with the rock formations.  Because they showcase a mind blowing array of impressively colorful rock formations, the easy Queens Garden Trail and the moderate Navajo Loop Trail in the middle portion of the Bryce Amphitheater are popular.  These trails appeal to hikers of varying ages and abilities.


Starting off from Sunset Point, the Queens Garden Trail drops into the amphitheater on a wide, steep path.  Groups of colorful hoodoos, spires, and other unique rock formations create a surreal and delightful landscape.  An easy hike down, the spur trail leading to a viewpoint of the Queens Garden is reached after only .9 miles.  At the end of the spur trail, the overhead ridge of eroded rock is majestic.  The vibrant hues of yellow, pink, orange, brown, and white are breathtakingly beautiful.  Be sure to find Queen Victoria.  If assistance is needed, then check the signage at the garden as it will help you spot her.

If doing this trail as an out and back only, retrace the spur trail back to the main trail and hike back up to Sunset Point.  To create a loop hike, however, after returning to the spur junction continue heading south/west on the main trail another .8 miles to reach the Navajo Loop Trail.


For those wanting a longer hike, the Navajo Loop Trail is a spectacular follow on to Queens Garden.  Not only does this trail have fanciful and colorful rock formations, spires, and hoodoos, it has narrow, soaring red rock walls rising high around the trail.  Wildly popular with visitors to the park, the Wall Street area of the westernmost portion of the loop is only open during the summer because rock falls are common during the winter and early spring.  As such, during these times it is not possible to complete the full loop.  Even so, the eastern portion of the loop is open which means Two Bridges and Thor’s Hammer don’t have to be missed.

Up Once… Or Twice?

Hikers have a choice when hiking the Navajo Loop trail when approaching from Queens Garden.  The choice is whether to skip part of the trail, or travel up to the rim twice.  If two hikes “up” are not in order, choose to get back up to the rim on either the eastern or western side of the trail.  Not wanting to miss anything, we hiked up twice.  First, we hiked to the rim on the eastern side to see the infamous Two Bridges and Thor’s Hammer.  Then we went back down in order to ascend the western portion of the trail to see the red rock walls of Wall Street.  

Fun to hike and an incredible treat to the eye as well as the heart and soul, Bryce Canyon National Park is singularly beautiful.  This park holds a special place in our hearts.  Visit here, and we think it will for you too.

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