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Take along these non-essential equipment options to increase your RV camping comfort and make the experience more enjoyable for everyone.

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Take along these non-essential equipment options to increase your RV camping comfort.  They will make the experience more enjoyable for everyone.


Portable Canopies:  Shelter the Picnic Table

Outside shelters increase our RV camping comfort.  Whereas most RV’s come equipped with retractable awnings, they only provide shade and rain protection right next to the RV.  Hence they generally do not extend far enough to cover picnic tables, and most lack screening.  Thus, setting a portable canopy up over a picnic table provides shade, rain protection, and helps keep falling debris off your table, if it has screening it will also help with mosquitoes and flies.  However this addition will NOT keep squirrels, raccoons, or other small rodents out.  As such, always be sure to stow and store food items to prevent them being nibbled on by these would be visitors to your table.

Chairs:  Better than Rocks and Logs

When hanging around outside the RV, folding camp chairs can’t be beat for comfort.  They make sitting around the campfire much more enjoyable than standing around it, sitting in the dirt, or using logs or rocks as seats.  When it comes to camp chairs, there are options to fit not only every budget, but every butt as well.


With Electric

If electricity is available at the campsite, packing an extension cord or two gives great flexibility for lighting the campsite.  Some people make it a party atmosphere by putting up string lights.  Others simply need additional lighting for the picnic table.  We love to use portable hanging work lights for this purpose – the bulbs are protected in a “cage” and most have a hook to hang the light.  Zip ties are wonderful for making a hanger for the light in the event your canopy does not already have a built-in loop for hanging things.

Without Electric

When electricity is not available at the campsite, battery operated LED lanterns provide ample campsite lighting.  They are easy to find and inexpensive.  One on the picnic table generally does the trick outside.  Inside, using battery operated LED “pop lights” stuck under cabinets or on ceilings provide ample lighting.

Another option is to use portable headlamps for all your lighting needs while RV camping where electricity is not an option.  Strapped on your head, they provide precise lighting just where you need it, and it is always with you.  If more dispersed lighting is desired, try this hack:  strap the light with the light facing inwards to a gallon water jug filled with water to illuminate a greater area.


Landing Mats:  Control the Dirt 

Inside and outside the door landing mats keep the RV cleaner and more comfortable.  A sturdy rubber backed entrance mat inside is a must, but it is only the second line of defense, however.

For the outside, a fake turf grass rug is a space friendly and economical option we LOVE.  Ready to go in various sizes, or cut to a custom size, they are readily available at your local home improvement store.  As it accumulates dirt and debris outside the door simply give it a shake out.  If it rains the water will flow right through, keeping it from turning into a huge puddle.  If they get muddy, a quick rinse will set things right.  Note:  it is advisable to have a bin for storage during transport as this will contain the mess if it is muddy or exceptionally dirty when you break camp.  Once home, take a hose to it and let it air dry.

Portable Space Heater/Fan:  Climate Control 

When electric is available at the campsite conserve precious propane and warm your RV with a portable electric space heater/fan.  Our favorite go to has heat and fan speed adjustments as well as a safety feature which shuts it off if it overheats or gets knocked over.  It heats small spaces quickly and safely so that we do not need to run our on-board system which uses propane.  If the RV is hot inside, the fan only option helps cool things down by pushing out hot air, drawing in coor air, or just circulating it to make things more pleasant.  

It is NOT advisable to use heaters which have open flames or use fuel inside your RV.  In the event you do choose to use a heat source which utilizes fuel, please be sure to follow all safety instructions.  Finally, no matter which supplemental heat source is used, always follow manufacturer recommendations and keep the heater away from anything which would present a fire hazard.

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© 2019 Grey Otter Outventures, Inc.
RV Camping - Comfort

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