Outventure with Dogs for Companionship

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We OUTventure with our dogs for companionship, but honestly, the added sense of security from their vigilance and watchfulness are comforting.

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We OUTventure with our dogs for companionship, but honestly, the added sense of security from their vigilance and watchfulness are comforting.


Your dog is a built-in buddy, always ready to join you on an OUTventure.  A shared OUTventure is simply a fantastic way to spend quality time together, enjoying the companionship and the activity.  Interestingly, we both get so much more out of the experience than just a fun time.  We also strengthen the bond between human and canine.   For example, following commands to navigate obstacles a dog learns to trust us as we guide them safely through.  Or, if your adventure has you out for a night or more, it is likely you will be sharing quarters in some fashion (i.e. the dog is in your tent, or as in my case, in my sleeping bag).  The physical closeness and companionship in these times is special for both human and canine, and new, deeper bonds form as we spend this time together.


Always attentive to what is around them, dogs add a sense of security when OUTventuring in the habitats of predatory animals like bears, wolves, or mountain lions.  With their keen senses of smell and hearing, they will alert to the presence of wild animals long before we are aware of them.  Their body posture stiffens, hair raises on the back, and many growl or bark in response to perceived threats.  Likewise, they sense and alert the presence of unknown people, often barking and growling at any approach.  Accordingly, dogs are fantastic sentries and security alarms.  Not only will they alert, but often their presence and noise scares off any would-be animal or human intruders.

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