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We outfit ourselves for comfort and safety when we hike, bike, or backpack, right?  So why wouldn’t we do the same for our furry companions?  It’s important not only for their safe enjoyment of the adventure, but ours as well.

If you want the best for your pup, we highly recommend Ruffwear for the same reasons we choose it for our dog – design, durability, and dependability.  Whether you are just getting started with outfitting your pup, or want to upgrade their gear, Ruffwear dog gear is hard to beat.  Take a look at the fantastic selection of quality products below.  Your adventure dog’s tail is already wagging!

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Our Dog Geo –  Enjoying Safe, Comfortable, and FUN Adventures in Her Ruffwear Gear!!


What is the one piece of gear we cannot live without for our beloved dog, Geo?  Her Ruffwear hiking harness.  Why?  Because a harness reduces the chance of her getting injured or lost, and it is much easier to keep control of her in any situation we encounter on the trail.  The range of options from Ruffwear is impressive.  With harnesses designed for everyday adventures, lift-and-assist, training or leash pulling, they’re also adjustable to fit any size or shape.

Ruffwear Harnesses For Every Dog Adventure!


Whereas hiking with Geo “off leash” is preferred by her and us when it is allowed and safe, at other times a leash is mandatory.  When a leash is needed, Ruffwear has durable and strong leashes for the adventure.  With a wide array of colors patterns, and styles, we are confident you and your dog will love using their leashes for your adventures together.

Adventure Together with a Ruffwear Dog Leash!


Ready for anything!  With her Ruffwear sweaters and jackets to protect her from the elements, Geo is always prepared for the conditions!  We love that her outerwear is easy to put on and take off, and it looks good too!  Ruffwear offers a well made and rugged line of dog-wear that ranges from waterproof and insulated dog coats to cozy dog fleece sweaters.  The wide array of styles and colors they offer means your dog will be stylishly dressed in comfort for whatever mother nature has in store!  Geo gets the most use out of her Ruffwear fleece when we are backpacking.  It is perfect for cold nights.  She wears it not only around camp, but also to sleep.

Ready for Adventure with Ruffwear Weather Protection!


We know from first hand experience that even though dog paws are rugged, they can get damaged.  Save your dog the pain of worn, torn, cut, burnt, or frozen feet with Ruffwear dog boots.  After Geo’s pads got injured on severely rocky trail we vowed “never again!”  Her Ruffwear boots were ordered the next day.  Now they are always with us whenever she is adventuring, and on her feet when conditions warrant.  Not only do Ruffwear boots provide paw protection for hot pavement, rocky alpine trails, cold and snow, but Geo looks absolutely adorable in her Grip Trex hiking boots!

Protect Adventurous Dog Paws with Ruffwear Boots!


No matter how long the adventure, Ruffwear makes dog packs perfect for the dog that is ready to help share the load.  Ruffwear packs are designed for adventures long, short, and in-between.  Saving us the space and weight of her gear and food in our packs, Geo dons either her Palisades Pack (heavier, but with more room and features) or her Approach Pack (lighter, more compact, less roomy) when we take her backpacking.  She seems to enjoy being like us by having her own pack, and once again, she looks so darned adorable when wearing her pack.

 Let Dogs Share the Load with Ruffwear Dog Packs for Longer Adventures!


Lightweight and packable, Ruffwear makes just the right collapsible bowls for food and water for your adventure dog.  Easy to use and clean, humans also love them because they are sturdy and durable.  Dogs, on the other hand, don’t much care about these things.  Dogs just want bowls they feel comfortable eating and drinking out of, and Ruffwear collapsible bowls are perfect for what matters to them!

Dog Approved Ruffwear Bowls for Food & Water on the Go!

Hands down, Ruffwear makes the best dog gear for adventure dogs. Here every detail matters, quality counts, and durability is mandatory.

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