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Mountain biking is an adventure!  Add a little pizzazz to your mountain biking OUTventure with experiences that are anything but ordinary.  Time to get the adrenaline pumping!

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We mountain bike for the adventure.  Standing at the trailhead, no matter what lies ahead, sweet singletrack beckons us to saddle up and pedal.  Let mountain biking unleash your adventurous self.  Pick your trail, hop on your bike, be in the moment and discover the adventure which is uniquely yours.  Time to get the adrenaline pumping!

Trail Systems For Everyone

Mountain biking is a thrilling adventure. Whether riding cross country loops, ripping on purpose built trail systems, or touring in remote back country locations, we find all manner of  trails.  Our choices in many systems include less or non-technical trails for beginners, as well as technical trails with rocks, roots, tight switchbacks, lung busting climbs and swift descents for intermediate or advanced riders.  On mountain bike we explore more of these places than we can on foot, and we go through areas we cannot get to by motorized transport.  No matter what your preferred mountain biking adventure, purpose built trail systems and remote back country trails are ready and waiting for you.

If you have the opportunity and the desire for something more, however, we’d like to share some other options for mountain biking adventure which are gaining in popularity.

Lift Assist:  Slope Style

For those riders who enjoy a rolling downhill, it is not always necessary to toil uphill.  Opening in greater numbers, ski resorts are opening their summer doors to mountain bikers during the “off” season.  As such, they are creating incredible opportunities for mountain bikers to let ‘er rip!  Enjoy the ride as a ski lift moves you and your mountain bike to the top of the slopes.  Up top there is sure to be a trail for whatever ride suits your style and your need for speed!  Riding a mountain bike down the ski slopes is sure to bring a smile to your face. . . and a woo-hoo or two!

Shuttles:  A One Way Ticket

Along the same line, but without the lines, some rides simply require an assist.  If the route is too long or too arduous (i.e. a long, point-to-point trail ridden in one direction, typically downhill with more elevation loss than gain), then it is most enjoyable with the support of a shuttle.  When using a shuttle, we have two options for the adventure.  The first option is to have a friend (for free) or a shuttle service (not for free, typically available only for longer trails) drop you off at one end so you can bike back to your vehicle.  Or, go with a friend or friends and bring two vehicles.  Park one vehicle at the end of the trail and use the other to transport bikes and bikers to the start of the trail.  Once the ride is done, load up the bikes and drive back to the start to pick up the other vehicle.

Rail Trails:  Other Fun Adventures Await

Lastly, abandoned railways converted to dirt trails travel through beautiful, remote areas over interesting terrain.  These trails are typically multi-user, and give us plenty of opportunity to explore interesting landscapes and wildlife on dirt that is NOT singletrack.  As such, riding these trails in not technically mountain biking, but they are 100% fun to ride for everyone, no matter their skill level.  See a listing of US Rail conversions  here, and check one out for yourself.

Mountain Bike for Adventure
The Whole Enchilada mountain biking trail
Mountain Bike for Adventure

Gear We Use for Mountain Biking

To see descriptions of the gear Chris & Mac use for mountain biking, as well as links to manufacturers and retailers offering the gear for sale, please CLICK HERE.

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