Hike to See the Beauty

Hike for Beauty

Hike to see the beauty.  Along the trail nature will delight you with its unique blend of sights, sounds, and smells.  Venture out into nature on a hiking trail to see wonders that will leave you speechless.  

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Hike to see the beauty.  Along the trail nature will delight you with its unique blend of sights, sounds, and smells.  Venture out into nature on a hiking trail to see wonders that will leave you speechless.  


Fantastic Flora on the Trail

Each trail has a unique assortment and arrangement of fantastic flora that welcomes you on the trail.  The rainbow of foliage colors changes with the season.  As such, many popular “fall color” and “wildflower” hikes have peak windows of opportunity for viewing their spectacular displays.  While timing is critical for the maximum visual treat, sometimes we get lucky.  For example, on an early summer hike along the balds of Roan Mountain we were surprised and delighted by huge purple pink blossoms lining the trail and covering the surrounding hills.  We now know to time our hikes there accordingly.  When possible, seek out these amazing viewing opportunities when planning your hiking trips.

Witness Nature’s Grand Geography

The mountain ranges, desert plateaus, and canyons created by the forces of nature and time call us to stop and stare.  Hiking takes us to see their sweeping vistas, imposing granite walls, incredible red rock formations, turquoise lakes, roaring rivers, and tumbling waterfalls.  Although the scale and beauty of these sights is hard to describe,they leave a mark on our hearts.  When I hike in the  National Parks, State Parks, and National Monuments which protect the most precious, fragile, and unique of these places, I am awestruck and humbled.  In these singularly special places, nature’s grand geography inspires me, renders me speechless, and brings me to tears.

Amazing Wildlife is Captivating

Delightful to observe in their natural habitats, wildlife is captivating but sightings are not certain.  Seasonal migrations, wariness of humans, and other factors are at play.  Thus even though  it may be possible to plan these encounters, they mostly happen when we don’t expect it.  As such, prepare for the unexpected – we carry bear spray for a good reason.  We had chance encounters with a grizzly and cub, and a moose and her calf in Glacier National Park, and black bears and mountain goats hiking the Cascade Pass/Sahale Arm Trail in North Cascades National Park.

Remember to give wildlife plenty of space.  View them quietly from a safe and respectful distance.

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Hike to See Amazing Geography
Hike to See Amazing WIldlife

Gear We Use for Day Hiking

To see descriptions of the gear Chris & Mac use for day hiking, as well as links to manufacturers and retailers offering the gear for sale, please CLICK HERE.

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