Hike Kodachrome Basin State Park, UT

Kodachrome Basin State Park

Hike Kodachrome Basin State Park and explore its the extraordinarily picturesque multi-hued landscape of towering monolithic sandstone spires.

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Length:  Varies; Up to 6 Miles Round Trip
Trailhead(s):  Various
Elevation Gain:  Varies
Trail Type:  Out & Back and Loop
Dogs:  Allowed
Difficulty:  Mostly Easy to Moderate
Permit Required?  No
Considerations:  State Park Entry Fee $10; Rattlesnakes, Scorpions, Poisonous Spiders
Season:  Year Round (Campgrounds Closed in Winter )


Kodachrome Basin State Park is spectacular.  In fact, the area in which it sits is so exquisitely colorful and beautiful that a request was made of the Eastman Kodak Company (Kodak) to allow the use of use its trademarked Kodachrome name for the area.  Permission was granted, and the Kodachrome Basin was aptly named.

A number of years later Utah established Kodachrome Basin State Park.  We camped here while exploring Bryce Canyon National Park and Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, and took the opportunity to explore this uniquely beautiful park.  Although it is hard to imagine a state park could be as gorgeous as a national park or national monument, this one is, and it is less crowded than its famous neighbors.  The “wow” factor here is high and we encourage you to come see for yourself.


Whether rising from the basin floor or standing atop the sandstone ringing the campgrounds, the sedimentary pipes of Kodachrome Basin State Park are spectacular.  Happily, there are multiple trails in the park to explore them, but in doing so we must be mindful of where we tread.  Where we step here matters.  Any time we step off the trail we might be destroying decades of growth for some of the organisms that live here.  As such, please do your part to protect this rugged, yet fragile environment by staying on designated trail or rock to avoid destruction of sensitive plant life and soils as you explore. 

Because each trail showcases the best examples of the sedimentary pipes and gorgeous rocks found in Kodachrome Basin State Park, hiking any or all of the five trails in the park is a fantastic way to explore its wonders.

Kodachrome Basin State Park – Introduction on the Nature Trail

For a quick introduction to the  geology and inhabitants of Kodachrome Basin State Park, take a stroll on the half mile long paved Nature Trail loop.  Only open to hikers, informative and inspirational trail signage provides an excellent introduction to the Kodachrome Basin, its geology, and inhabitants.

Kodachrome Basin State Park – Overview From the Angel’s Palace Trail

Winding its way 150 feet up the red rock, the Angel’s Palace Trail is a great way to get magnificent long range views of the basin and Bryce Canyon.  This Kodachrome Basin State Park trail is a 1.5 mile out and back is at times little more than a footpath visible on the rock.  Nevertheless, it is generally easy enough to follow.  Take care near fragile cliff edges as you explore up top.

Kodachrome Basin State Park – Multi-Use Grand Parade Trail

Below the rocks of Angel’s Palace, the 1.5 mile Grand Parade Trail invites hikers to explore the plant and animals inhabiting the basin while visiting the two box canyons found in Kodachrome Basin State Park.  Bikes and horses are also allowed on this trail, however only hikers may explore the box canyons.  

Kodachrome Basin State Park – Immersion on the Panorama Trail

Hike either the shorter 3 mile loop or the longer 6 mile loop of the Panorama Trail.  What we like about this trail is its versatility.  Hikers can choose from multiple options for getting up close and personal with the interesting sedimentary pipes and other geologic features found in Kodachrome Basin State Park.  All options are generally easy to moderate, and hikers should be aware that these trails are also used by bikes and horses.  Because the Panorama Trail has a lot of sun exposure it is important to have adequate water supplies when hiking here in the heat.

Kodachrome Basin State Park – A Lost Arch on the Shakespeare Arch / Sentinel Trail

Though this beloved trail in Kodachrome Basin State Park has taken a hard knock, it is still a wonderful hike.  Sadly, in April of 2019 one of the main attractions of this trail, the Shakespeare Arch, collapsed into a pile of rock rubble.  Although it is gone, hike here anyways because past the crumbled arch a short ways is the famous Sentinel, an outstanding specimen of sedimentary pipe.  After seeing this beauty, either continue along the loop, or turn around to head back to the trailhead.  If continuing on, know that the trail does become a little more strenuous, but has outstanding views.

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