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We dream, we plan, and we backpack for the adventure.  Once we go, we find a need to repeat this OUTventure as often as we can.  It is always a fun adventure.

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We dream, we plan, and we backpack for the adventure.  Once we go, we find a need to repeat this OUTventure as often as we can.  It is always a fun adventure.


The decision is made.  We are going!  The backpacking OUTventure begins with careful planning and coordination of the trip long before we arrive at the trailhead.  First, kick off the excitement by figuring out where to go and what you want to do.  Your goals will assist with planning everything else.  Enthusiasm builds as you research targeted area(s) and figure out logistical issues such as campsite locations and backcountry camping permits.  Once the place and duration are settled, it is time to delve into what to bring. 

First and foremost, we are self-sufficient when we go backpacking.  As such, we consider both comfort and safety when deciding how much and what to carry.  An overwhelming number of choices for nearly every item demonstrates the trade-off between weight and cost.  For further discussion about food, shelter, and equipment choices and decisions please see How to Go Backpacking”


With packs and passion fully loaded we arrive at the trailhead, ready to embark on our backpack for the adventure of the month, or perhaps the adventure of a lifetime.  What will we find on the trail and at each campsite?  What will we see and experience along the way?  Obstacles are encountered and conquered as the miles unfold under our feet.  Along with discovering the unknown and learning about ourselves, what confronts us most directly on the trail while backpacking is the ultimate reality of our situation.  We are in the wilderness, and we need to survive.

In the wilderness we tend to our comfort and survival because no one else is going to do it for us.  We may travel for a few days or for much longer.  Regardless of the weather or how many days, weeks, or months we walk, the adventure will have us traveling miles on foot carrying heavy packs, resting and refueling as necessary along the way.  The journey is ours to define.

The end of the day’s travel is marked by arriving in camp where attention turns to comfort and survival through the night.  Packs are unpacked and camp is set up.  Water supply is scouted and obtained for filtering or treatment for safe consumption.  If journeying through the wilderness habitats of bears or other animals attracted by the smell of food, then proper security and storage of supplies with scents is mandatory, and also must be accomplished.  We repeat this wonderful process of activity daily until our journey has come full circle.

Dealing with physical struggles, wildlife encounters, and difficult terrain, our backpack for adventure lets us immerse ourselves in a world where we witness the amazing and must overcome our limitations and fears.  The things we see and experience as we venture far into the wilderness make backpacking a fabulous OUTventure.


Take a moment post-backpacking to relish in and congratulate yourself on what you just accomplished.  Grab a shower, some clean clothes, and a hot meal.  You earned them!  Then, as you unpack your gear, take note (write it down) of what you did or did not need or use, along with any other observations about how you or your gear performed on the trip.  You will be happy you have this information as you plan your next backpack for adventure.  Because, after all, you will venture forth again.

© 2019 Grey Otter Outventures, Inc.
© 2019 Grey Otter Outventures, Inc.
© 2019 Grey Otter Outventures, Inc.

Gear We Use for Backpacking

To see descriptions of the gear Chris & Mac use for backpacking, as well as links to manufacturers and retailers offering the gear for sale, please CLICK HERE.

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