Klonzo Mountain Biking Trails

Klonzo Mountain Biking Trails, Moab, Utah

Moab, Utah’s Klonzo mountain biking trail system is not a big system, but it offers big fun for a wide range of mountain bikers.

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Klonzo’s Black & Blue Trails

Klonzo’s Green Trails

Length:  32 Trails with a Total Mileage of 24 Miles
Trailhead(s):  Klonzo Trailhead
Elevation Gain:  Dependent on Chosen Route
Trail Type:  Trail System
Dogs:  Allowed
Difficulty:  Beginner to Advanced
Permit Required?  No
Considerations:  Desert riding; no water; access to trailhead is usually 2 wheel drive, but may require 4 wheel drive depending on condition of the Courthouse Wash.
Season:  Year Round


Moab, Utah’s Klonzo mountain biking trail system is not a big system, but it offers big fun for mountain bikers of all skill levels.  Klonzo’s singletrack trails range from buttery smooth to chuncky technical and provide riders with a great day of riding as they hone their skills for some of Moab’s more challenging systems.

What Makes Klonzo Mountain Biking Trails System a Great System to Ride?

Klonzo’s mountain bike trails are mainly geared toward beginner and intermediate riders, but there is plenty here to keep advanced riders happy as well.  The trails generally have great flow and the terrain varies from buff red dirt to quite a bit of rock to slickrock.  Additionally, the trails interconnect nicely allowing for many possible loops throughout the system.  All of this makes for a great trail system for groups with varying skill levels, beginners and intermediates who want a lot of riding options or to up their game, and advanced riders who want to ride a fast system with some interesting trail features.  Then, there is the landscape.

Klonzo really does not have the outstanding views offered by some of the other trail systems in Moab, such as Moab Brand Trails or Klondike Bluffs.  What Klonzo does have is a terrain that is reminiscent of a lunar landscape.  This creates a pretty unique ride experience that I think most riders will enjoy.

Riding the Klonzo Mountain Biking Trails System

Klonzo’s offers 11 beginner trails, 16 intermediate trails, and 4 advanced trails.  Total mileage within the system is 24 miles, meaning the trails are generally short.  This does not create a choppiness to the system, however, because the trails are well built to flow into each other.  What it does mean, though, is you will likely have a lot of starts and stops when first riding the system, unless you decide to just ride and see where the trails take you.

A good route for beginners and lower level intermediates, particularly those trying to acclimate to Moab’s rocky terrain, is:

Ride from the parking area out on the Klonzo entrance road to Willow Springs Road, go left to Midway, right on Carousel Connect, right on Carousel, do some loops back around using Wizard and Magician back to Carousel and/or Gypsy for some fun downhills, then take Midway to Hotdog, left on Hotdog down to The Edge back to the trailhead and up Borderline to Zoltar, a right on Zoltar for some nice views, and a right on Willow Springs Road for a downhill back to the trailhead.

Depending on how many loops you do on Wizard and Magician, you will cover roughly 8.3 miles with 745′ of climbing.  Along the way, you will get a great sampling of flowy, red dirt, some skill appropriate technical rock trail, and a good sampling of slickrock riding, as well as a big smile.

A fun ride at Klonzo for intermediate riders or advanced riders looking to “tear it up” focuses on the north side of the system, as opposed to the south side which is the focus of the ride described above.  On this ride you will cover 10 miles with 1,410′ of elevation gain and descent:

From the trailhead, take Borderline all the way up to Wahoo, do the entire Wahoo Loop and ride until you hit Gravitron and take a right.  At the end of Gravitron, go right on Vertigo, left on Secret Passage, left on Cross Canyon, left on the Vertigo loop, around to a right on Secret Passage, right on Cross Canyon, right on Dunestone Connector, straight on to Dunestone, right on Boonedocks, right on Dunestone and ride it back to the trailhead.

The route above will give you a great sampling of everything Klonzo has to offer, including buff singletrack on red dirt, slickrock, some fun technical riding, plenty of reasonable climbs and fun descents, and the ability to rip in and out of large rocks and boulders on a lunar landscape.  Trust me, this ride is a blast.

Advanced riders seeking heavy technical riding will not find it at Klonzo.  Although there are 4 trails marked by Trailforks as advanced, I think the rating is too high.  There certainly are some advanced features, but these trails are mostly high intermediate.  Don’t let that deter you from riding this fun system, however.  Rides like the one just described offer plenty of grins for advanced riders who are looking for a great system to shred.

Final Thoughts About the Klonzo Mountain Biking Trails System

Klonzo really is a great trail system, particularly for beginners and intermediates.  Mac and I always have a ton of fun riding there.  Make sure to put Klonzo’s mountain biking trails on your next Moab itinerary, I’m pretty sure you will walk away saying:  “Man, that was a blast to ride!”

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