Kids – Outfitting with Proper Equipment

Outfitting kids with proper equipment

When it comes to kids – outfitting with proper equipment helps ensure both their comfort and their safety.

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Kids need proper equipment too.


Basic Gear for Kids

Kids need suitable clothing, footwear, and head wear for their outdoors adventures.  Ditch their favorite sandals, t-shirts, and jeans and outfit them with sturdy footwear, performance tops and bottoms, and headwear.  Uncomfortable kids are grumpy companions, and their safety is especially critical.  For everyone’s sake, outfit kids properly.

Performance clothing beats cotton anything when exerting in the outdoors.  Period.  Dress kids in moisture wicking, quick drying, lightweight clothing before taking them on an outdoors adventure.  It makes a huge difference in our comfort, and it does for them too. 

A word of caution.  Used gear might work for them, but such items must be in good repair, and they must also be correctly sized.  Used gear may be neither comfortable nor safe it is heavily worn – even if it is the right size.  Alternatively, something used may still be in great shape, but if it does not fit well then comfort, safety, or both may be compromised.  The bottom line is this:  if a piece of gear does not fit properly or is not in good condition, don’t let a child use it.

Advanced Outfitting for Kids

If kids are old enough to partake in activities which require essential equipment, make sure to outfit them as you outfit yourself.  It is a matter of both comfort and safety.

If they are hiking or backpacking, get them their own pack.  Let them carry a small amount of food, water, and basic safety items.  This helps them learn about the importance of these items for safety and comfort.  It also teaches them self-sufficiency in the outdoors.  It’s never too early to start learning.

Kids want to go mountain biking?  Invest in a helmet and put them on a bike that fits.  A helmet that is loose or damaged will not provide the protection it should.  Helmets degrade with use over time – the protective materials in them break down from suntan lotions and sweat.  Further, even when not visible, damage from just one hard knock can compromise a helmet.  Our recommendation is that if you do not personally know a helmet’s history – avoid it.  Additionally, a bike that is too big or too small is likely to spoil the fun.  It will not comfortable and may just be too hard to ride.  It could also result in injury.

In short, everyone should be properly outfitted for every adventure, and that includes the kiddos.  

Gear for Adults With Kids

Those who love the outdoors want their kids to as well.  We see them with their babies on the trails all the time.  The people who properly outfit themselves can comfortably carry both their children and their stuff.

On foot, backpacks and front packs designed to carry a child either full time or part time are fantastic.  On bike, attachments on handlebar, frame, or rear of the bike allow babies, toddlers, and small children to tag along and safely enjoy the ride.  Size and age of the child dictate what equipment will work best.  If on bike, remember to put a helmet on that precious little head!

Not only do the little ones get carried, but so do their things.  As we introduce them to the outdoors this is okay.  However, as kids get older, be sure to transition them to carrying their own supplies.  To love them means to teach them self-sufficiency.  Do it to help the keep themselves safe in the event of an accidental separation.

Outfitting Guidance

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