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On the surface, backpacking offers the freedom to take your equipment and head out into the wilderness, camping wherever the mood strikes.  Sounds romantic, right?  The reality, however, is many areas place restrictions on dispersed camping and the number of backpackers that can enter the backcountry on a given day.  To protect the environment, many areas also have specific rules for backcountry use and require permits.  It is important to understand where you can backpack and the rules you must follow.

Suggested Backpacking Locations by State

Grand Canyon - Backpacking Yaki Point to Hermits Rest
Arizona Backpacking Locations
Backpacking the Four Lakes Loop, Trinity Alps
California Backpacking Locations
Hiking to Sawtooth Lake
Idaho Backpacking Locations
Art Loeb Trail
North Carolina Backpacking Locations
McKenzie River Trail, Oregon
Oregon Backpacking Locations
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Washington Backpacking Locations

General Information about Where to Go Backpacking

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Backpacking in National Parks and Other Federal Lands
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Backpacking in State Parks and Other Municipal Lands

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